The amazing smart keychain by Amplius electronics.

Be able to keep your smartphone charged all day. Try Rubico! A unique smartphone gadget that will make your everyday life much easier. A multifunctinal, high quality product which can be used as a battery charger, memory storage and it even has an NFC tag. With Amplius Rubico, the smart keychain, you will never find yourself in a situation holding a drained or “out-of-memory” mobile phone.

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Charge in motion.

Rubico’s small size makes it fit in your pocket easily. It was never easier to carry extra power.
Charge up to 50% of battery. Just when you need it.

About Rubico

Rubico smart keychain is a unique and multifunctional product that allows


Rubico smart keychain has an integrated Li-Ion battery with the capacity of 1500mAh. We are using high-end technology to bring you fast-charging on supported phones. Charge up to 50% of battery, just in time when you need it.


Everybody faced problem with lack the of space on their smartphones. We can solve it. Connect Rubico with your phone using the memory cable and store your data, videos and pictures in just a few clicks.

NFC tag

Rubico smart keychain comes with a blank programmable NFC tag. It can be programmed as the user wishes – unlocking doors, turning on the lights, check-in cards etc. Opportunities are limitless


Our mobile application is supported on Android devices. It allows direct data transfer from the phone to Rubico. With our app it will be even easier to use Rubico smart keychain.


As soon as you connect your smartphone to Rubico, the battery will immediately start to charge.
You are able to free up some memory by transferring photos or files on Rubico.
If you connect Rubico to the computer it turns into a USB Stick.
It is compatible with any computer and can read any MicroSD Card.

Want to maximize your charging power ON THE GO?
RUBICO is just what you need!

High-end quality product!

Exactly defined battery power, size, quality of workmanship are just some of the Rubico smart keychain benefits. Due to problems that people face every day, Rubico has come as a simple and functional solution. Rubico was made following global trends and needs.

Amplius Specifications

Connect Rubico to any Android smartphone.

Informations can be transferred directly, but also through a mobile application that will soon be available on Google Play.

The product comes with a mobile application that allows users to:
  • Transfer data from a mobile device to the smart keychain
  • Directly save photos and videos to the smart keychain
  • Monitoring the amount of free memory space

By using our app you can enhance your experience with the Rubico smart keychain.

Amplius application

Save Your Precious Moments.

Out of memory on your phone?
Simply open our app and capture moments directly to your favourite keychain.

Choose Rubico and stay constantly connected!

Use it to enchance and advance your working and personal life.

The Team


Luka Vučina

Founder & Hardware Engineer
at Amplius electronics


Marin Bevanda

Founder & Graphic Designer
at Amplius electronics


Robert Rozić

Co-Founder & Software Engineer
at Amplius electronics


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